Genius Ways To Refresh Your Fireplace For Spring 38
Genius Ways To Refresh Your Fireplace For Spring 38

30+ Genius Ways To Refresh Your Fireplace For Spring

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Spring is officially in the air and that means warm weather, bright colors, and a whole new interior design for your home. Well, you don’t have to remodel your entire home for spring, but there are a lot of easy changes you can make to usher in this wonderful new season.

Spring is the perfect time for cleaning, hence the term “spring cleaning,” so begin by de-cluttering your home. Let the fresh air into your house and get rid of all the junk you’ve been holding onto this past winter. While cleaning, wipe away the winter dust and get rid of any dark and drab accessories. The key is to create a warm, bright, and inviting interior design. Buy either fresh or silk flowers to place around the home. Choose yellows, pinks, and purples, or go for fresh greenery. Think orchids and potted plants.

Change out any of the throw pillows on couches and chairs. Choose lighter colors and fabrics. Prints are definitely in this season so make good use of them, especially anything with florals. Pick anything from pastels to super vibrant colors. Have wicker settees and chairs with cushions on them? Change out all those cushions too! Besides the pillows, change out tablecloths, curtains, and bedskirts. Sheer fabrics are the perfect choice and practically scream “summer.”

When you’re thinking about interior design, don’t forget about the rugs. Thick, heavy rugs are for winter only so roll them up and have them sent to be cleaned and stored. Opt for sisal or cotton rugs in light, cool colors. It’s the little items that matter. If you’re trying to stay within a small budget, simply rearrange your furniture. If the focal point of the living room is the fireplace, change it to the view of the garden. You’d be surprised how just moving items around can make your home feel brand new.

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