Outstanding Deck Lighting Ideas To Lighten Up Your Deck 51
Outstanding Deck Lighting Ideas To Lighten Up Your Deck 51

30+ Outstanding Deck Lighting Ideas To Lighten Up Your Deck

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A deck isn’t complete until you add some outdoor deck lighting to it. There are a lot of different choices out there that you can decide on, some are electric others include solar, depending on your yard and how much direct sunlight you get will determine what you need. This article will help you find best things that you can do is extend your home to the outdoors and make it a comfortable and relaxing place to be.

Start Off With Post Lighting.
Post lighting comes in many styles; some include the lamp post while others are just caps or base lights. When installing your outdoor deck lighting and you decide to use a full lamp post you will have the option to bolt them to the floor of the deck or you can space them evenly on the walkways by securing them in the ground.

For on the deck often the best is to use the railing posts to attach post cap lighting. You have many styles to choose from. Some of the choices come in a wood grain that matches your deck, or you can choose whatever you like best like a brass or burnished copper or brass look. Base lights are best placed at the base of a deck post or even on the stairs. This type of outdoor lighting is most often better suited for a softer lower light requirement.

Another Option is String Lights.
This type of lighting is more often used at Christmas time, but can be used for any occasion. They work great as an accent light by attaching them overhead or on the railing with a heavy staple. Most of this type of lighting can be purchased as a LED which uses very little electricity and will last for a very long time. When installing your strings be creative and use your imagination. With this lighting you can easily create an effect that is both appealing and practical at the same time.

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