Creative Bedroom Design Ideas With Wood 42
Creative Bedroom Design Ideas With Wood 42

30+ Creative Bedroom Design Ideas With Wood

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A bedroom should be a place where you can escape from the busy day to relax and rest. Therefore, the environment needs to be calm, cozy and warm. The best way to achieve this goal is with the use of classic wood furniture, especially pine and oak. When these types of woods are added to any space, they instantly create a welcoming atmosphere. Wood pieces are also known to endure for a very long time. Even if the wood does suffer some bumps or nicks, it adds to the character and enhances the look of the piece. Anyone looking to produce a bedroom with a classic decor needs to use pine or oak furniture pieces.

The basic furniture pieces used in any bedroom typically include a bed, side tables, one or more dressers and a wardrobe. Decorating the bedroom with all of the pieces in matching wood tones is the best way to create a classic effect. With that said, pine and oak can take on many different looks and decor styles depending on the shade of the wood, whether or not it has been given a stain, the amount and type of detail added to each piece, and the type of hardware used.

The lines of the furniture can be arched, curved or straight. Each feature will produce a different effect. In addition, the thickness of the wood will also contribute to the look. Very thick, chunky oak will be a dominating force in the room. It tends to look more rustic than thinner, less bulky, pine furniture. Pine also has elements intrinsic to the wood like dark, circular knots that will vary with each furniture piece. Oak may have visible grain patterns throughout that add character to any item. Pine and oak can be given a dark or light stain to alter the color of the wood. The type of hardware used will also contribute to the style of the furniture. Stainless steel drawer pulls in a simple round shape tend to look more modern when with paired with pieces that have clean, simple lines and flat surfaces. Chunky pieces with large wrought iron or metal drawer pulls give off a more rustic vibe. Another thing to think about is the about of detailing on each piece such as an inlaid design, molding or abstract designs carved into the wood.

Solid wood wardrobes have increased in popularity over the years. They are the perfect way to add additional storage space to any bedroom. There are many different types and plenty of interior configurations. Some may have just a hanging bar inside, while others may also have a shelf above the rack. Other wardrobe have either interior or exterior drawers, in addition to the hanging bar. These days, wardrobes can be used for more than just storing clothing. They can even house television sets or computers. Finally, remember that factors like the wall color, lighting, flooring, draperies and bed linens will all contribute to the atmosphere of any bedroom.

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