Wonderful Backyard Fire Pit Design Ideas For Comfortable Relaxing Space 32
Wonderful Backyard Fire Pit Design Ideas For Comfortable Relaxing Space 32

20+ Wonderful Backyard Fire Pit Design Ideas For Comfortable Relaxing Space

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It is no surprise that many people love the ambient light and warmth that a campfire can provide. But did you know that you can now experience the atmosphere and warmth of a campfire right at your own backyard or patio? Well it is now possible with an outdoor fire pit. A fire pit is basically a pit that can safely contain a fire rather than having it in the open air. It is safer and easier to maintain. Fire pits are usually made by burrowing a hole into the ground or hallowing down a concrete to be used as the fire’s container. There are many commercially available pre-made types in the market but if you want to be able to save, then building you own pit is definitely an option for you. Here are some tips that can help you in building your own backyard fire pit:

First you need to decide which type do you want to build in terms of fuel consumption. Do you want it to burn wood? Utilize a gas tank? Your choice in fuel consumption plays an important factor with regards to the placement and design of your pit. Decide on what works best in your situation. The earlier, the better.

Your second main consideration should be the location of your outdoor pit. Keep in mind that unless you choose a portable type, it is pretty much a permanent structure so it is important that you choose your location well. First things first, you need to address the issue of safety. So pick a that is far away from flammable structures, debris and objects. Don’t let it near anywhere a tree, dry grasses, shrubs, dried leaves, wood sticks and so on. If you are using it to provide warmth and ambient light, be sure that you have it in location that has a lot of room. Before ultimately deciding on the location, it will do you good to check with your local fire department and see what are the laws that apply.

The size of the pit will depend on your intended use. If you are looking to build an outdoor fire pit that’s best for cooking, barbecues, grilling and so on, then a 2 to 4 ft. diameter pit should be perfect. But if it is mainly for providing warm and ambient light, a 2 ft. diameter fire pit should easily be able to service a group of three to four people.

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