Totally Inspiring Loft Home Decor Ideas That Everyone Should Have 37
Totally Inspiring Loft Home Decor Ideas That Everyone Should Have 37

30+ Totally Inspiring Loft Home Decor Ideas That Everyone Should Have

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Put simply, urban loft is a decorating style that creates the mood and sensation of living in a city. This does not necessarily mean recreating the hustle and bustle, heat and smog of the city, as quite simply this just would not be very nice in your home. The busyness is left behind the front door, as a home can be a tranquil escape form urban realities. However, as you look out of the window, away from the noise, the images that a city can create are wonderful. Whether it is the multi-colour tapestry created by street lamps and car lights at night or the sun reflecting from the harsh concrete buildings creating an intrigue of shapes and tones at daybreak.

As with all interior design, the concept of urban living is subjective and means different things to different people and the images created can vary depending on the city in which you live, but the basic concepts remain constant. This style is about embracing metropolitan life and the energies that are created by the urban surroundings. Originating in re-used spaces, such as old warehouses, offices, shops and even steelworks and mills, it is now common for urban dwellers to imitate this look in their more modern homes, typically apartments or ‘lofts’. Think open plan, techy, stainless steel bachelor pad and you are almost there.
10 tips to help you create the urban loft style in your home:

Open Space:
Ironic really as cities are not know for their open spaces, one of the primary principles for creating a loft style space is to embrace open plan living. On the lower level of the home especially, there should be limited solid walls, with rooms being separated by furniture at differing heights, different flooring and wall coverings and even lighting. Each ‘room’ should flow into one, creating the illusion of space and intrigue that draws the eye and makes you want to explore the depth.

Like the skyline of a city, your urban loft home should be multi-layered and the sky is literally your limit. High ceilings create at atmosphere like walking along a street of tall buildings; you are surrounded by furniture but are aware of the empty void imitating the sky above. Skylight windows are not always possible, but of they can be included in your design then they should definitely be considered as they will flood your home with natural light and create an endless ceiling that will add energy to the space as well as making it appear larger than it is. Adding layers to the open plan home helps to ad a city appeal and can easily be achieved by adding a mezzanine floor, or more simply the illusion of a floating floor through slats of a banister. As well as going up you may consider a step down to a seating area or steps up to a bathtub. All of these solutions add strong, angled lines to the city-line of your home.

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