Incredible Log Cabin Interior Design Ideas For Tiny House 17
Incredible Log Cabin Interior Design Ideas For Tiny House 17

31 Incredible Log Cabin Interior Design Ideas For Tiny House

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Foreword: Once upon a time… I lived in a log cabin on a mountaintop overlooking a peaceful valley. Abe Lincoln never had it so good. That time has passed, but the memories persist. A lucky few of you readers will remember the cabin I describe below. Many others had experiences at a family vacation home in the mountains or at the shore, and have similar memories of family get-togethers.

This essay is intended to revive and sharpen those memories as well as to describe what it was like to live in a genuine log cabin. Readers who are too young to have these experiences can find in these lines some background to the family folklore they may have heard over the years. So, read on. I hope you enjoy it and if you have recollections and experiences of your own, then by all means post an e-comment. It will add your contribution to this essay.

The cabin itself was as bare and rustic as you can imagine. No electricity, no indoor plumbing (not even an out-house), only an outside well with a hand pump for (non-drinking) water. Heat was available from a handsome stone fireplace. The interior had a large, open area with a sleep loft above the north side. And an ample supply of snake skins. There was an attached shed on the valley side, used for cooking.

The description of the inside of the cabin may sound familiar to those of you who have watched the TV show, “Little House on the Prairie.” If you recall the interior of the TV house, the layout was very much the same as the cabin: a large room on one side, a central fireplace, and sleeping areas behind the fireplace (parents below, girls above on a loft).

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