Best Ideas For Kitchen Open Shelves 45
Best Ideas For Kitchen Open Shelves 45

47 Best Ideas For Kitchen Open Shelves

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If you’re wanting to capitalize on your storage capability, you could turn to a pantry or build some sort of storage closet but those could add up really fast. With a Kitchen Sliding Shelf, you can quickly hide and store any amount of canned goods or other items, without paying hundreds for it. The Kitchen Sliding Shelves help clear out the clutter that your kitchen may face without having to build or design new space.

Another advantage to sliding shelves for kitchen storage is there is just a lot less wear and tear on your person. This is especially true of lower shelves. When the pots and pans that you want to use are in the lowest shelf and way in the back, it can be especially difficult to access. Don’t forget that even tall cabinets can have mechanisms installed that will allow the kitchen sliding shelves to cascade downward. That really makes that higher cabinet actual usable space instead of storage area for ten year old bay leaves that were somehow lost.

There are all sorts of different finishes you can get on your Kitchen Sliding Shelf. The cheapest finish you can get is Natural Oak, pricing at $30.00, however if you want an Oak Super-Shelf prices at nearly $60.00. Generally, the Kitchen Sliding Shelves come as two shelves, but you can get up to five shelves for only $30.00.

Some Kitchen Sliding Shelves are a little more pricey, however they can last longer than 100,000 open and close cycles in the kitchen. With these shelves, there’s no more digging around your pantry in search of items. With some of the shelves, you can purchase and install a circular rotation shelve for even easier way to locate things you need! Some of the shelves are designed for optimization storage. These shelves have built in tray slots, or different compartments for certain items that you see fit. The tray or slot shelves range in cost but are on average about $50.00.

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