Perfect Halloween Kitchen Decoration To Scary Your Guests 28
Perfect Halloween Kitchen Decoration To Scary Your Guests 28

44 Perfect Halloween Kitchen Decoration To Scary Your Guests

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First you can start with an easy to make holiday display. Look around your home for any glass jars or containers of different sizes. (You could even use canning jars!) Fill several containers with Halloween candy such as candy corn, mellow creme pumpkins, chocolate bats, black licorice, gummy spiders, etc…anything that looks like the season!

Find a spot to display the jars like on your kitchen table, counter top, living room table, etc. You can tie a bow around the middle of each container and let it drape down onto your table or counter. Use solid color ribbon such as black or orange colored ribbon or ribbon with a Halloween print. Add some fall leaves tucked in and around the jars or some twigs with artificial berries. This will invite an instant Halloween holiday appeal to your room!

Scarecrow in the House
You’ve heard of a scarecrow in the pumpkin patch to keep the crows away but how about a scarecrow sitting in a corner of your entryway or kitchen to greet your family every morning? Make a friendly fall fellow(sitting him in a chair) using old pants or overalls for the legs (stuff with quilt batting), long sleeve shirt for the upper body (put a wooden dowel, piece of plastic pipe, or broom through the arm of the shirt for the arms and tie waist with string and tuck into overalls or pants.

Fold a flour sack (or use a pillowcase) in half and sew up the edges leaving the bottom open to stuff and then tie off with ribbon or string for the head. Add a cute face with paint, markers, or glue on pieces of felt. Put the head into the top of the shirt and button the top button.

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