Gorgeous Fireplace Design Ideas For This Winter 26
Gorgeous Fireplace Design Ideas For This Winter 26

42 Gorgeous Fireplace Design Ideas For This Winter

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Fireplaces are installed for many reasons. Some use them for recreational or entertaining purposes; some for a backup heating system or decorative enhancement. Fireplaces being used as supplemental heating will get the most use and a higher quality (and more often than not, more expensive) unit. Higher quality fireplaces are the best choice because they will offer greater efficiency and usually are more attractive.

Fireplace designers recommend low-end, builder-grade fireplaces for occasional or recreational fires, such as entertaining or family gatherings. If you anticipate using it once a week or more during the winter, choose a higher-end model that will last for years because replacements are costly and time consuming.

Before purchasing your new fireplace here are some questions that will help you decide what kind of fireplace you want:

What features do you want?
Can your home accommodate the required venting needs?
Do you have adequate space for the fireplace and the needed framing and hearth required by the model?
What hearth and surround design do you want to use?
What style of mantel meets the clearance requirements?
Shop at a business where fireplace knowledge is available.

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