Attractive Winter Decor Ideas For Your Apartment 54
Attractive Winter Decor Ideas For Your Apartment 54

56 Attractive Winter Decor Ideas For Your Apartment

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Time to pull out the sweaters and switch over to heat; winter is coming! As much as some people enjoy bundling up to head out to work or meet up with friends, no one likes coming home to a freezing apartment. Cold air can seep in from windows, doors or even walls! Here are a few tips for keeping your apartment or condo warm and toasty as the temperature outside dips into the teens.

Stop Leaks Before They Start
One of the easiest ways to keep warm air in and cold air out of your apartment is to seal up any leaks. The first step is to identify where cold air is coming in from. Once you’ve targeted the culprit, invest in door sweeps to close spaces under exterior doors. Another idea is to caulk or apply tacky rope caulk to spots that seem drafty. Outlet gaskets can easily be installed in electrical outlets that share outer walls, where cold air often enters.

By sealing up leaks, in addition to keeping warm, you can also save on energy costs, making your monthly bills a little easier to digest.
Keep Your Doors and Vents Closed

You’d be surprised how much you can save on heating costs by simply closing doors and vents around your apartment or condo. There are two ways to accomplish this: one way is to close vents in any rooms that don’t typically require heat. For example, the kitchen is heated naturally any time you cook, and if you have a guest room that isn’t being used, there’s no need to pump precious heat into an empty room. If you are unable to close the vents completely, try using a piece of cardboard or if you have floor vents, a block of wood. The other way is to simply leave doors closed. If you’re going out for the night, close off the bathrooms and bedroom. Once you’re home, you can always open the doors to let the warm air circulate.

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