Trendy RV Makeover Ideas For Winter That Will Keep You Warm 46
Trendy RV Makeover Ideas For Winter That Will Keep You Warm 46

46 Trendy RV Makeover Ideas For Winter That Will Keep You Warm

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Many of us have been doing ‘green’ makeovers for years, just not realizing that we were doing this until it became a popular term. As a professional interior decorator and redesigner my clients often call on my services to give their home a whole new look, in just one day, using what they already have in their home. Seeing the transformation and knowing that these women feel SO much better about their home is one of the most satisfying aspects of my business. You can do your own ‘green’ home makeovers by following this simple formula below, but there is one thing you need to do before you begin:

Most people would never think of doing this but this is the KEY to doing a successful home makeover. Once you decide which room you are going to do your ‘green’ makeover in, get rid of all the clutter and any items you do not really love. Start by taking out the smallest items first and begin grouping them putting like items together eg. Art with art, candles with candles, lamps with lamps, plants with plants, etc. You can leave in your one biggest piece of furniture but take the rest out systematically.

DETERMINE THE FUNCTION – before you start emptying the room you need to know what you want to do in this room now. You may have a large enough room to have a few different functions going on such as a family room could have a TV area, a computer or office set up, a sewing area, etc. You may decide to turn your formal dining room into a computer room since you hardly ever use it.

DECIDE ON YOUR FOCAL POINT – your room will have either a natural (view) or created focal point (television, art wall) or a built in (fireplace, bookshelves). You want to place your furniture so that your focal point can be seen and people can be comfortably seated to take advantage of your focal point. You can have 2 focal points but one should be more dominant. Rotate your focal points seasonally if you have a nicer view in the summer than in the winter, the fireplace may be the focal point for winter.

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