Best Christmas Decoration Ideas For Your Living Room 44
Best Christmas Decoration Ideas For Your Living Room 44

53 Best Christmas Decoration Ideas For Your Living Room

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Modern living room décor is all about being chic, minimalistic and functional yet warm and inviting. No more do you have to stuff your home with lots of furniture and accessories; you just need to get the basic essentials and then style them right! Neutral colors accentuated by pops of neon here and there make the living room look contemporary, aesthetic and peaceful yet lively and cheerful. Here are the four must-haves for your modern living room.

Seating Furniture
Seating furniture is the most striking component of any living room. However, instead of going for a huge and bulky sofa set, get loveseats, ottomans and lounge chairs. A mix and match of these pieces not only looks unique, attractive and minimalistic, it also consumes lesser space and provides diverse sitting options. Whites, beiges, greys and blacks are the ideal colours for seating furniture. Throw a splash of colour using lots of cushions.

Centre Table
Modern living room furniture would be absolutely incomplete without a pretty centre table. Do not opt for a huge and heavy wooden table; instead go for a small glass table, big enough to carry trays of food and drinks. Wooden coffee tables also make for great options but make sure you team them up with nice table runners as you don’t want the food or snacks to damage your table. A Christmas table runner can add the much needed pop of colour. You can place a lovely vase in the centre of the table to give it a more sophisticated look.

Television Screen
This is where you need not go minimalistic at all. Get a large TV screen, the larger the better, not so large that it grabs all the attention though. There is nothing like enjoying a sports match or watching a movie with friends and family on your television screen in your living room. Make sure the screen is placed at n appropriate distance from the seating furniture; it should be neither too near nor too far. Do not let your imagination go wild and keep the wall simple on which the TV screen is mounted.

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