Dreamy Last Minute New Years Eve Party Decoration For Inspiration 29
Dreamy Last Minute New Years Eve Party Decoration For Inspiration 29

40 Dreamy Last Minute New Years Eve Party Decoration For Inspiration

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With the rush of workdays, school days, and errands, it isn’t uncommon for parents to often find themselves without any celebration plans only a few weeks shy of their child’s birthday. However, in the age of information it’s easy to be able to whip up a couple of quick last minute ideas for a birthday party that is sure to thrill and delight any child on their special day. The next time you find yourself in a bind frantically searching for last minute birthday party celebration ideas, why not choose a couple from here:

Choose a theme before anything
An easy way to create a fast and fun birthday celebration is to choose a theme right away. Whether you want to go for a Pirate Party or a Princess Festival, choosing a theme early on can save you time, energy, and possibly tears because it narrows down what to look for when you’re shopping. When you head out to tackle your shopping list, you’ll know to grab pink sprinkled cupcakes, pink lemonade, and pink balloons for a Princess Party.

Use e-invites
Forgo the usual paper invitations by snail mail, and instead create cute invitations online and send them to your guests by email. These are easy to make, easy to send, and cost nothing. Even better, you can use clip art to announce the theme of your party. Decorate the e-card with little pirate ships if you’re having a Pirate Party. These are also perfect for last minute birthday celebrations because your guests will be able to reply with just the push of a button, making RSVP’ing easy. Your head count will also be easy to obtain before the party.

Create a no fuss, DIY photo booth
Making a photo booth is easy, but it looks like you really put thought and effort into it. All you need to do is buy a roll of wrapping paper that matches the theme of your party, and cover a wall in your home with it. Add a table nearby with cute props like tiaras, eye patches, crowns, and hats. Guests will love using their smart phones to snap up photos of their children at your DIY photo booth. The best part of this DIY last minute idea is that it’s easy to take down. Clean up is only a matter of tearing down the wrapping paper and tossing it into a recycling bin.

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