Gorgeous Roof Garden Ideas For You To Try 39
Gorgeous Roof Garden Ideas For You To Try 39

46 Gorgeous Roof Garden Ideas For You To Try

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Why design a roof garden? If you are a city dweller in a city like New York, and you have the outdoor space, then why not make the most of it by creating a beautiful and inviting outdoor space to relax and entertain in? The benefits of roof gardens are numerous, and include creating a place for beauty and enjoyment, adding livable square footage to your home and thereby increasing its property value, and having a positive effect on the environment by reducing pollution and electricity usage, and making the city more attractive.

A roof garden can be a retreat, a private oasis from the noise and commotion of the city, or it can be a place for entertaining, dining, lounging, and recreation, depending on the personal tastes and desires of the individual. The difference between a home with a garden and one without is that you no longer feel the need to escape the city every weekend to “just get away from it all,” you now have your own private get-away right there at home.

The therapeutic effects of having a living space to enjoy are known to be considerable and include stress-reduction, lowering of blood pressure, relief of muscle tension, and an increase in positive feelings.

It also cannot be denied that, in a city where space is a valuable commodity, a roof garden is additional square footage. It just makes good sense financially to turn a three-room apartment into five rooms with two of the “rooms” being the garden itself. Also, by adding functional square footage to the space, it also adds re-sell value to the property.

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