Favorite And Romantic Bedroom Decor For Valentines Day 35
Favorite And Romantic Bedroom Decor For Valentines Day 35

41 Favorite And Romantic Bedroom Decor For Valentines Day

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On February 14th we celebrate Valentines Day, the day couples show their love and appreciation for one another. Beautiful bouquet of roses are delivered to many door steps and delicious big boxes of chocolates have women forgetting about their waist line for one day. Wouldn’t it be great to celebrate this special occasion in the privacy of your own home?

A Valentine-Themed bed is a fun and romantic way to do so. Even if you decide to go out for a romantic dinner and movie, you can still come back to a beautiful bedroom full of romance. Here are just two of my favorites Valentine Settings for the bedroom and I gave each one a special name:

Valentine Fantasy. One of my favorite Romantic-Themed Bedrooms involves a canopy bed and rose petals. Canopy beds are very exotic and romantic because of the flowy drapes that hang on the sides of the bed. Unfortunately, canopy beds can be pretty expensive but you can create the illusion of a canopy bed with a few pieces of hardware and it will not cause a fortune. It is quite simple, you will need 4 hooks and 4 pieces of either curtain rings, metal rings, wooden hoops, towel rings or even wire. Install the 4 hooks on each end of the ceiling where you would like the fabric to hang. Place the rings onto the hooks and drape long swags of white curtains through the selected rings. Allow the curtains to fall to the floor. Once we created the illusion of the canopy bed, we can move on to the bedding. Place a solid white cotton bedding set on the bed. In the center of the bedding, form a large heart with a couple of red rose petals. Rose petals can be purchased at your local floral shop. Last, place a single red rose in the center of the heart.

A Box Full of Chocolates. This Valentine-Themed bed involves the two Chocolate and Red Earth Tone colors. These two colors combined gives the bed the illusion of being a big box of chocolates. Solid red will be for the sheets and chocolate-brown will be for the comforter or duvet cover. The red sheets will be the cherry we find inside a chocolate.

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