Incredible Spring Garden Decoration Ideas For Backyard & Front Yard 45
Incredible Spring Garden Decoration Ideas For Backyard & Front Yard 45

47 Incredible Spring Garden Decoration Ideas For Backyard & Front Yard

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Spring is considered the busiest season for gardeners. At this time of the year, plants are waking up from the confines of the passing winter, a large amount of mulch needs to be removed and cleaning up has to be done. From broken tree limbs, layers of mulch to overgrown shrubs – all of these need attention before starting on your spring garden.

People, mostly gardeners, look forward to the beginning of spring for it is the time of year where plants and flowers bloom. Beautiful flowering plants and lively trees attract people. Having a spring garden at home brings life not only at home but also in your neighborhood. However, having a spring garden requires more patience and hard work. When starting on your spring garden, you may plant new flowers but make sure to check if they are right for the season. Some plants you may consider planting are pansies, chrysanthemums, azaleas and rhododendrons. You may also choose primrose or rosemary’s. Take a trip to your local nursery for a quick and personal look in choosing what plants to include to your garden this season.

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After picking what plants to have, prepare your garden by weeding, raking and sowing it. It lets your garden look fresher. You may also add compost to your annual beds before starting on weeding. Remove as much weeds as you can with your hands. Then, start on cleaning up overgrown beds. Early prevention from pests and insects is also a must do. Doing this keeps you from using pesticides and other chemicals in your garden. Also check out hanging limbs from trees. Take off dead branches out of trees and thin your shrubs for the spring season. Repair damaged steps and pathways as a result of the winter season. Aside from this, check your gardening tools for those who need repair and lubrication.

It is also best to prepare new garden beds for added plant space. After doing this, you may already start planting trees, shrubs and perennials. Make sure you do this during a cool and cloudy day. Be sure to water your plants thoroughly throughout the season.

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