Excellent Mini Coffee Bar Ideas For The Coffee Lovers 54
Excellent Mini Coffee Bar Ideas For The Coffee Lovers 54

58 Excellent Mini Coffee Bar Ideas For The Coffee Lovers

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With the Kuerig Coffee Machine single cup system there is no guess work in measuring out how much coffee to use to a make a mug full of great tasting coffee without the mess and waste of making an entire pot. Guesswork is eliminated with the K-cup portion pack which contains just the right amount of ground gourmet coffee for a single serving. There is no need to grind beans or try to load them into the filter. The Kuerig Coffee Machine system minimizes the waste of making an entire pot of one flavor when only several servings are needed. This system is also much less expensive than that morning trip to the coffee bar or shop.

There are a number of different brewing systems in the Kuerig Coffee Machine line including the Mini, Elite, Special Edition, Platinum, Breville, and the Office PRO.

The Mini Brewing System works great for the coffee lover in a cubicle or small office who is short on space, but loves a good tasting gourmet blend. The compact Mini is also a good choice for the RV, cabin, college dorm, or vacation home. The Mini like all the Kuerig Coffee Machine brewers makes a great cup despite its small size. Fitting just about anywhere you can find a place to plug it in, this coffee maker brews an 8 ounce cup in about 3 minutes. You can also make a great tasting cup of tea, cocoa, or soup quickly and easily.

If a device needs to have the look of luxury to fit into your home than the Special Edition Brewing System is the Kuerig Coffee Machine that will blend in great with your kitchen. With chrome accents and a blue back-lit LCD display, this coffee maker brews a great cup of coffee quickly. The Special Edition Brewing System sports three brewing size options and a 48 ounce removable reservoir; it can brew up to eight cups before needing a refill. The larger size also allows a larger cup or travel mug to be filled easily.

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