Marvelous Easter Centerpieces Table Decoration Ideas 20
Marvelous Easter Centerpieces Table Decoration Ideas 20

50 Marvelous Easter Centerpieces Table Decoration Ideas

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Coloring isn’t the only thing you can do with eggs and simple dyed eggs don’t have to be the only thing in Easter gift baskets. There are lots of different kinds of Easter gift baskets that you can gift and there are a lot of different things you can do with eggs other than just dying them and sticking them in boxes and baskets with fake grass.

Egg Characters
Dying eggs is a good activity for younger kids but for kids who are older and can use more advanced crafts material, go for egg characters. Use felt, tissue, cotton, twigs, grass, cardboard, buttons and candy to make faces on eggs and to dress them up. You can create an entire village of them. Use the crafts to make them nests or hut like homes. They can be used anywhere; on the table, at the foot of lamp posts, in flower beds and on window sills.

Incorporate food into the d├ęcor
Easter food and desserts can be very decorative; they shouldn’t just be for eating. Get creative with the food. Don’t try to make everything yourself, visit your local candy store and you’re bound to find something unique. Don’t just put the candy out in trays or stuff it all in the egg; use it to decorate the food. Use Easter fruit baskets or fruit bouquets as centerpieces, you can also give fruit bouquet as a prize to who ever wins the egg hunt.

Costumes and dresses
You can have an Easter costume party; ask friends and family to dress up or to just accessorize for the party. You can hand out bunny ears to all the guests to make sure they’re dressed for the occasion.

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