Simple Ways To Decorate Your Easter Eggs Ideas 44
Simple Ways To Decorate Your Easter Eggs Ideas 44

48 Simple Ways To Decorate Your Easter Eggs Ideas

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All parents want to do some Easter egg decorating with their children when the time of year rolls around. Some may never have done it before whereas others know all there is to know about decorating eggs, but everyone can always use a few tips and tricks to keep things fresh.

Prior to any Easter egg decorating all children and adults should wash their hands in hot, warm, soapy water. The reason for this is that people’s hands are naturally oily to protect the skin from being easily damaged, but these same oils can cause problems with the effectiveness of paint or pens when decorating eggs, so it’s best to make sure there’s as little as possible to get in the way, making the decoration much easier.

Parents have two main choices of egg styles for their children to decorate. They could either boil the eggs for a long period of time to make them incredibly hard and therefore easy to clean up if they break when decorated, or they could poke a small hole in a raw egg and let the yolk and white run out of it, leaving a complete eggshell for children to use. However parents give the eggs to their children the result will be the same it’s just what the parent would prefer.

The actual decoration of the eggs can be whatever a child wants it to be. Parents should set out pots of paint and brushes, different styles of pens and other craft materials to be combined with the eggs. If children want to give their eggs some hair then the top can be cut off and they could grow some cress in cotton wool on the top if they wanted to.

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