Wonderful Outdoor Decor Items Perfect For Spring And Summer 32
Wonderful Outdoor Decor Items Perfect For Spring And Summer 32

41 Wonderful Outdoor Decor Items Perfect For Spring and Summer

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With a full time job and 2 kids in the house, I understand that it’s hard to find the time pursue the perfect backyard. It’s frustrating to spend time and money on new plants, only to have them die over the winter or to survive but not flower the next year. It seems like all your hard work was for nothing. Whether it’s time or money we don’t want to waste either so here are the top four essentials to having the yard you want.

Preparation is the key and the most important of the group. Skip this one and I can guarantee you will be disappointed. The first thing to do is to evaluate your soil.

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Evaluate Your Soil – You can test it by squeezing a handful of soil and then rub it between your fingers. If the soil feels gritty, you have sandy soil. If it sticks together or feels slippery, it’s clay. This will tell you something about how your garden uses water and nutrients. Sandy soil dries out quickly, so your plants roots dry out faster, too. In hard clay, the soil stays wet but it’s difficult for the roots to absorb the water as well as nutrients and oxygen

Loam – For most plants, loam is ideal. it contains clay, sand and silt, plus organic material such as decayed plant matter which will encourage the growth of microorganisms and bacteria, therefore providing food for your plants.

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