Perfect Traditional Bathroom Vanity Ideas For Sophisticated Spaces Only 41
Perfect Traditional Bathroom Vanity Ideas For Sophisticated Spaces Only 41

41 Perfect Traditional Bathroom Vanity Ideas for Sophisticated Spaces Only

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Bathroom vanities in general could be classified into two broad types. One being the contemporary bathroom vanity and the other is the traditional type of bathroom vanity. The usage of contemporary is more common nowadays due to the modern developed features installed in them, as well as the latest accessories that can be added to make everyday living easier and more convenient.

However, the usage of traditional bathroom vanities has not depleted by much because traditional vanities add a sense of vintage class to any bathroom. The antique radiance that they emit from even the first glance is the reason for their admiration by many artistic minds. This is usually the response and decor that home owners are going for when they opt to but a traditional bathroom vanity. The yesteryear look, complimented by the contemporary colors and bathroom accessories, really makes a statement in any bathroom.

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Traditional bathroom vanities do come in single door as well as double door type cabinets which support the sink at the top. The sink could either be of the conventional vessel type which goes on top or the embedded ones that are built to fit into the cabinet cavity. You can also find double sink varieties, wherein the entire cabinet kit is larger and there are two spaces reserved for two similar sized sinks. The size of the cabinet under this type of double sink vanity ranges to approximately 60 inches on an average while the single sink vanities tend to range from 22 inches to 38 inches.

This again depends purely upon the model of the sink as well as the vanity top. Generally the bowl or vessel type sinks carries more storage space because the sinks are on top and as such more space is left for drawers and cupboards, they also have more cleavage space than the embedded sink vanities. The cleavage space is the inter distance between the two sinks on the vanity kit.

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