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Boat Trailer - Load 352.74 lb

Boat Trailer - Load 352.74 lb

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This boat trailer is suitable for boats from up to 15.1' and 352.74 lb. The boat trailer has a total length of 10.5' and it's 3-way adjustable.

The trailer is ideal for boats, fishing boats, small motors and sailing boats. You can use this boat trailer to transport your boat quickly and easily. The large wheels and handle make it easy to pull. It has thick pneumatic tires, which can be removed quickly for transport. The trailer can quickly be dismantled, this way it can fit compactly in all car trunks. This boat trailer can quickly and easily be assembled.

  • Suitable for boats from up to: 15.1'
  • Max. load: 352.74 lb
  • Dimensions: 10.5' x 3.4' x 1.7' (L x W x H)
  • Rust proof
  • All parts individually do not exceed 3.9'
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